Provides support for the new set of mixer APIs available under Windows Vista and later version of Windows.

Namespace: NMixerProNET
Assembly: MixerProNET (in MixerProNET.dll) Version: (2.1.0)


public class CCoreAudio
Visual Basic
Public Class CCoreAudio
Visual C++
public ref class CCoreAudio


This library is based on the work by Ray Molenkamp and completed by Xavier Flix to include the missing interfaces that allow for full enumeration of all the mixers and their lines and controls as well as full support to enumerate (and manipulate) any available sessions.

The way the class has been implemented is very similar to how the the legacy CMixerPro class works, allowing for an easy "upgrade" for those who are already familiar with the inner workings of MixerProNET.

The functionality in the CCoreAudio class is provided through the CoreAudio.dll which is a .NET-based wrapper, written in c#, that provides access to many of the interfaces exposed by the Core Audio API.

MixerProNET's CCoreAudio class provides an abstraction layer to facilitate the usage of the Core Audio APIs but if you would like to have direct access to the CoreAudio.dll library, you are free to do so. Actually, this library will be continuously developed (until all interfaces are implemented) and provided as a separate (and free) download at the MixerProNET's web site.

Note that in order to be able to use this class, your application will need to reference both MixerProNET.dll as well as CoreAudio.dll

Update (3/30/2011): Added support to change the default audio device using EreTIk's IPolicyConfig class.

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