Frames -> Horizontal Display Sample in a separate window

This basic sample demonstrates how DHTML Menu Builder supports frames.
At the top frame we have a toolbar and on the main frame (this one) we have the menus.

Thanks to DHTML Menu Builder's powerful frames support, you can event include your frameset inside a frame that belongs to some other frameset and the menus will continue to work.

Defining links when working with frames is very easy.
The Target Frame dialog in DHTML Menu Builder will display the standard frames that can be used with links plus the frames that have been discovered in the Frameset Document.

Just select the appropriate frame and your link will be opened in the specified frame.
Even if you're mixing frames with iframes, DHTML Menu Builder's target frame dialog will be able to discover the correct frames paths.

Also notice that this frame has been intentionally made very long so you can scroll it down (and up). You will notice that the menus continue to appear perfectly aligned with their toolbar items regardless of the browser's scrollbar position.